Both venues boast huge Soft Plays with lots of slides, obstacles, interactive areas and much more!

Junior Area - Perfect for those aged 4 and upwards, there's a whole host of different obstacles, interactive features. The 'Drop Slides' feature here, amongst some of the highest slides in the County!
Toddler Area - Perfect for Toddlers, with ball pools, mini-slides and interactive features, this area makes for a brilliant learning experience all whilst having fun!
Baby Area(s) - Perfect for those not quite walkng yet, featuring fun interactive panels and toys and in Scarborough a full room dedicated to this, with Sensory equipment included!

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Every evening from 6pm Laser Tag is run at Mini Monsterz, you can join in our famous Laser Tag sessions and play various games throughout the evening such as Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Free for Alls and more!

You can book to come with your friends & family, for a Birthday or come along to our Open Sessions and join in with everyone else that enters that evening!

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Both venues have a top customer cafe boasting 5* food hygeine ratings, serving delicious feshly prepared food and drink all day, along with snacks and refreshments.


From chips and pasta through chilli con carne & towering
cheeseburgers, you won't find another menu in our industry anything like ours for choice & freshness!


Drinks are all wellknown brands, FruitShoots, Pepsi, Shmoo Milkshakes, Star Slush, for chilled drinks, and a wide variety of Twinings Herbal Teas, Freshly Ground coffees, so you can rest assured there will be something for all taste buds!


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What else?

Plenty of other things to do on the side...

Climbing Wall (Whitby)

Suitable for juniors right through to adults, a challenging wall with different routes for all ages & skill levels, which is great for building your childs confidence & hand eye coordinaton

There are routes that are easily accessible to get to the top, which are perfect for building your childrens sense of accomplishment and countering their fear of heights. Then there are routes that take a bit of thought and set manuvours to get up. Then there are the hellish routes, seemingly impossible upon first attempts, these routes take LOTS of attempts to successfully navigate your way through with only a handful of people completing them!

Go Karts (Scarborough)

There are four coin operated Go Karts for use all day in Scarborough on a dedicated Track, so you can have a race against your family and friends or generally learn to steer a vehicle!

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available in both venues, just ask for our current password and enjoy unlimited use of our WiFi whilst using Mini Monsterz so you don't have to miss out on your Facebook feeds, Sporting score updates or whatever you like to do - all without eating away at your mobile data allowance!